Aquatronica Aquarium Controller Unit Kit Starter

Model HY02738
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The Aquatronica Aquarium Controller Unit Kit, Starter version, combines the Aquatronica Controller Unit (ACQ110) with the Power Center (ACQ013), and Temperature Probe (ACQ001S). We also sell the Aquatronica Aquarium Controller Unit Kit, Deluxe & the Aquatronica Aquarium Controller Unit Kit, Net, which have additional functionality.

NOTE: There are dozens of Aquatronica interfaces, modules & probes used to monitor pH, ORP & salinity, and for the control of water levels and wavemakers that are NOT included in this package, and that we do not carry at this time (see Aquatronica Web site). However, we're happy to order these products for you.

Aquatronica Aquarium Controller Unit Kit, Starter version Features:

The Aquatronica Controller Unit (ACQ110) is the heart of your system. This easy-to-program control unit boasts simple keypad operation and a backlit, blue LCD display for viewing all connected devices and parameters. The Controller Unit requires the Power Center (ACQ013) and together you can assemble a modern and efficient way to manage your aquarium.

The Aquatronica Power Center (ACQ013) is separated into two sections comprised of eight controllable electrical outlets and eight electronic connections. The 8-plug electrical section allows timer operation of all connected electrical equipment via the Aquatronica Controller Unit. The Power Center's eight controllable electrical outlets can (utilizing the Controller Unit) turn off and on at set intervals your light, heater, chiller, protein skimmer and pumps (to create a wavemaker effect). Electronic connections consist of six Bus connections for custom combinations of Aquatronica Power Centers, modules and monitoring equipment. Two ports allow direct connection of Aquatronica Temperature Probe or Water Level Sensor.

The Temperature Probe (ACQ001S) connects directly into the Power Center port for accurate temperature measurement. This pre-calibrated Temperature Probe boasts 0.1degree F accuracy and provides the temperature data necessary for temperature-dependent programming.