Aqueon Betta Bow 2.5-Gallon Black LED Aquarium Kit

Model 17787
Your Price: $49.99

For many people, their first experience in the aquatic hobby is with a betta. These habitats no longer need to be a simple bowl. Aqueon offers an LED lit betta habitat that is attractive, stylish and will get a beginner or experienced aquarist off on the right foot.

The Aqueon Betta Bow Includes:
  • Sleek 2.5-Gallon Bow Front Acrylic Tank
  • Canopy with LED lights and a fish-feeding hole
  • Black base to hold aquarium tight
  • Aqueon filtration system with filter
  • Divider designed to separate two Siamese Fighting Fish
  • Food and water care samples
  • Setup guide and coupons