biOrb Air Stone

Model 46029
Your Price: $7.99
Adding oxygen to your biOrb aquarium is essential for the health and well-being of your fish. The biOrb air stone is placed at the base of your aquarium to break up the flow of air into the biOrb into a large mass of bubbles. Not only are the air bubbles attractive and fun to watch, they add necessary oxygen flow to the aquarium for the benefit of your fish.
  • After time, the biOrb air stone may become clogged due to regular impurities that develop in the aquarium and calcification, especially in areas with hard water. When the air stone gets clogged, it reduces the required flow of air and oxygen into the aquarium. If oxygen levels in the tank get low enough, your fish can experience stress. To avoid stress, replace your air stone every few months. A clean air stone will bubble away quite nicely to distribute plenty of oxygen through the biOrb for the benefit of your fish.