BlueLine 70 HD Water pump 1750 Gph 39' max head

Model Blueline 70 HD
Your Price: $319.99
These pumps are designed and built by a former chief engineer from Iwaki-Japan. They feature the same flow curves, high head pressure, low noise, and reliability that have made Iwaki the best magnetic drive pumps available. The BlueLine HD pumps are even slightly quieter than Iwaki, with a lower frequency. These units are yellow rather than green and carry a full 5 Year parts and labor guarantee. All seal-free bearings and magnetic drive for 10+ years of useable life. No seals to leak!

  • Max Head- 39' MAX HEAD
  • Flow - 1750gph @ 0'
  • In - 1" MPT
  • Out - 1" MPT
  • Watts - 290 WATTS
  • Pressure Rated- Yes
  • Drive - Magnetic