Brightwell Aquatics 400 gm Magnesion-P Dry Magnesium Supplement

Brightwell Aquatics
Model 01856
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High-purity powdered magnesium blend

Provides magnesium, which helps regulate the balance between calcium and carbonates in aquarium water, and is a component of aragonite, the mineral secreted by reef-building organisms to form skeletal material

Stronger and more economical than liquid magnesium solutions; created for hobbyists maintaining multiple reef aquaria

Formulated by a marine scientist

Basic Instructions: Dissolve 2.5 grams (approx. 1/2 teaspoon) of product per 20 US-gallons of aquarium water in 8-fl. oz. of fresh water; add every other day or as needed to maintain the magnesium concentration within a range of 1,290 - 1,320 ppm.