Brightwell Liquid Reef Reef Building Complex for Corals & Clams 250 ML

Brightwell Aquatics
Model 01031
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Complete source of the elements and molecules that are directly used by corals, clams, and other reef-building invertebrates and organisms to create skeletal material and grow

Provides calcium (140,000 ppm), strontium, magnesium, and potassium in approximately the same ratios* in which they occur in aragonite

Very strong source of carbonates (derived from aragonite), the other important group of ions involved in aragonite formation

Increases alkalinity to help stabilize pH

Stronger than competing products

May be used as an inexpensive alternative to automated calcium reactor systems with similar results

Free of phosphate, silicate, and organic material

Formulated by a marine scientist

Basic Instructions: Shake product well before using. Add 5 ml (1 capful) of product per 50 US-gallons of aquarium water every other day or as needed to maintain the calcium concentration within a range of 412 - 450 ppm. When used in this fashion, 250 ml treats up to 2,500 US-gallons (9,464 L). Liquid Reef may temporarily cloud aquarium water after addition, therefore it is recommended that the product be dosed at night.