Clear-for-Life 75-Gallon 48"Lx18"Wx24"H Acrylic Tube Uniquarium

Model 75G Tube Aquarium U
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All acrylic material is domestic cast, all aquarium seams are chemically bonded together and all tanks incorporate a solid top panel for added structural support. Skillfully crafted within each top panel are holes for heaters, slots for power filters, large openings for access and stylish rounded front corners.

Unique look of two tanks interconnected by tubes. All acrylic panels are clear, and optional colored backs are available in light blue, dark blue or black ( see Background choices above ).

Your fish are just as curious as you are. (That's why they keep staring back at you.) The Uniquarium 75 Gallon Tube Aquarium features a unique two-room design connected by two tubes, letting your fish explore and enjoy a change of scenery. Beginners love the simplicity, and pros appreciate the high-capacity Bio-Fil 3-way filter, Rio high-flow powerhead and more, maintaining perfect environmental peace without ugly tubes, pumps, or hoses. Choose your favorite tint color, then turn your fish into explorers.