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Clear Water
Model 00143
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Clear Water Scrubbers CW-300

For use up to 350 gallons. 2 red/blue 50Watt LED lights good for up to 50,000 hrs.

4ft UL approved plug in cord.

Recommended flow is 600+ GPH

Dimensions 10”W x 18”L x 13”T

An algae scrubber is a water filtering device (not to be confused with a scrubber pad used to clean glass) which uses light to grow algae; in this process, undesirable chemicals are removed from the water. Algae scrubbers have allowed saltwater and freshwater aquarium and pond hobbyists the ability to operate their tanks the way that oceans and lakes operate: using natural filtration in the form of primary production.

What are the benefits of running an algae scrubber?

Reduced Maintenance.  Algae scrubbers reduce not only glass cleanings but also the frequency of water changes. The only thing you have to do is dose your tank.

Cost.   Algae scrubbers will pay for themselves in the first year.  Reduced water changes=less salt.  Also there is no need to run GFO as the algae scrubber does the same thing only naturally

Peace of mind. Algae scrubbers will reduce your chance of tank crashes due to nutrient levels getting too high.  The algae is always growing and removing harmful nutrients from you tank.

Cleaner water. An algae scrubber in connection with a protein skimmer will produce some of the clearest water you’ve ever seen!

Happier fish and corals. Using the same method that the ocean does will keep you fish and corals happy and colorful!