Cobalt Ultra Marine Micro Pellet Sinking 1.5 mm 2.3oz

Model 00745
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Sinking 1.5mm micro pellets @ 2.3 oz

100% natural pellets with no artificial ingredients, colors, or preservatives. Naturally nutritious & formulated for superior palatability. An all natural, highly palatable recipe includes whole Sword Prawn, squid, shrimp, seaweeds and algaes to help finicky marine fish eat prepared foods and thrive in aquariums. Iteal for a variety of small to medium sized marine fish, including dwarf angelfish, wrasses, cardinalfish, gobies, clownfish, blennies, anthias, chromis and damsels.


The scientific advancements of prebiotics and probiotics, coupled together with a wholesome, natural nutritional base, makes Cobalt Ultra Pellet fish foods the most advanced nutrition available! Will not cloud water. Less waste for a cleaner aquarium!