Coral Box WiFi Dosing Pump Single-Head - OUT OF STOCK

Coral Box
Model WF-01
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The Coral Box WF-01 Dosing Pump is the perfect solution for any reef keeper looking for an accurate, easy to program dosing pump. The Coral Box WF-01 is great for those who are just starting out dosing their tank, or for those who want to add trace elements and just don’t have enough dosing heads available. Each unit comes with built in wifi, and works with a smartphone app right out of the box. That’s right- now you can easily program your dosing pump from your phone!

These can be connected to your home network, and up to 16 dosing pumps can be connected and programmed via the same app. You can name individual pumps for easy programming and reference.

Each pump includes an instruction manual, tubing, a graduated cylinder for calibration, tubing, and mounting screws- basically everything you need to dose except the liquid!

The Coral Box WiFi dosing pump is a smart doser- all you have to do is calibrate it, then set which hours you want it to come on, and how much you want it to dose each day, and it will automatically spread the dose out over each hourly interval. Check out our guide video for more info on programming the pump:


Each dosing pump is covered by our full 12 month warranty out of RI, so when you buy with us you buy with confidence. These dosers are based on the original DP-4 design which has worked excellently for years.  Some major improvements and upgrades have been added as well, including heavier duty motors, tubing, and dosing heads, so you can be sure they are rock solid and built to last.

Dimensions: 3.55″ x 2.6″ x  2″

Included Components:

  • Power Supply
  • 2 x Dosing Heads (1 Spare)
  • 3 feet of tubing
  • Check Valve
  • Graduated Cylinder for Calibration
  • Instruction Manual
  • Mounting Screw