Coralife Protein Skimmers

The Coralife Super Skimmer is a high-perfromance foam franctionator designed with a patented needle-wheel impleller and aspirating venturi. An imporved, energy saving pump increases the performance of this skimmer without increasing power demand.

The needle-wheel system creates a spiraling vortex of water and micro-bubbles inside the reaction chamber. These bubbles attract fine proteins and organic compounds and deposit them in the collection cup resulting in a clean and healthy aquarium environment.

Hang-On Tank Mount
Hang-on tank mounting bracket will fit up to a 1 1/8" thick tank moulding.
Always keep a min. 8" clearance space between the aquariium and the wall

In-Sump Setup
Use a wide base for stable placement inside or outside of the sump
Keep a min. 1" clearance between the underside of the stand and the top of the skimmer.
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Coralife Super Skimmer Model 65
Coralife Super Skimmer Model 65
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