CPR SR3 Protein Skimmer (Accela Pump)

Model CPR07581
Your Price: $129.99
  • Recommended tank size depends on bio-load

  • For in-sump use only

  • Includes side-mounted venturi Accela pump for confined spaces--more info at the bottom of the page

  • Dimensions: 8-5/8" X 2-7/8" Footprint (including pump), 14-3/8" Height (19" needed for cup removal)

  • Dual return chamber and underwater return to effectively remove excess bubbles

  • Simple skimmer adjustment using CPR's collection cup assembly and O-ring support

    The CPR Aquatics SR3 Protein Skimmer is an in-sump skimmer that features a newly designed baffle system. Its narrow footprint is perfect for small sump spaces including the Bio-Cube 29 tank by Oceanic. It easily slides inside the middle chamber of the sump section of the BioCube 29 without any modifications. The lid closes as originally manufactured and the collection cup can be easily removed for cleaning through the rear access hatch.

    Accela Pump Info:

  • Increased air to water ratio
  • Less restriction on the pump results in longer pump life
  • Modest power consumption- 20% less than the Maxi-jet 1200
  • UL listed with a 6 ft. grounded plug

    The new Accela pump is similar to the Maxi-jet 1200, however, it includes some important added benefits. The pump has been modified to include a venturi intake which efficiently draws in more air with less restriction on the pump. This results in more effective protein skimming with a significantly increased sweet spot for skimmer operation.