Current Dual Ramp Timer

Model CUR01675
Your Price: $64.99
The Current USA Dual Ramp Timer for LED Lights is a fully programmable 24-hour LED lighting controller that not only turns your lights on and off, but it also simulates a gentle sunrise and sunset for your critters. This slow acclimation helps reduce stress often caused by sudden light intensity changes and provides a more natural rhythmic daily light cycle. The Dual Ramp Timer is an improvement over the Single Ramp Timer as it is designed for lighting fixtures with two channels or plugs.

The Ramp Timer is compatible with:

  • Most 12-24VDC LED fixtures not exceeding 120 watts (@24V) with a compatible DC barrel jack connector
  • TrueLumen Pro Kits, TrueLumen Pro Strips
  • TrueLumen Strips & TrueLumen Lunar Lights