Current Orbit Marine LED 18-24"

Model CU04100
Your Price: $159.99
The Current USA Orbit Marine LED 18-24" is a great choice for aquarium applications where high PAR values aren’t needed—marine fish, soft corals and some LPS corals. The LEDs come in four color temperatures—8,000K, 12,000K, 445nm with UV and 460nm blue. This 18 Watt LED light could be used as a main light or as a supplemental light. At only 3.5" wide you can easily fit more that one on your tank.

What sets apart this light from the many similar fixtures on the market is the included Current USA Ramp Timer Pro—a timer that also can be programmed to ramp up the light in the morning, ramp it down at night and turn on the moonlights. There are also color adjustment capabilities and on-demand storm, cloud cover and lighting settings.

  • Dimensions: 16.8" X 3.5" X .44". The adjustable docking mounts can expand to 24 inches.
  • 18 Watts. 18X 445nm LEDs. 18X 460nm LEDs. 27X 12K LEDs. 9X 8,800L LEDs.
  • Includes Ramp Timer Pro with remote control