Current USA Loop Eflux Wave Pump Manifold Hub

Model 01685
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eFluxWave Pump Manifold HUB

The eFlux™ wave pump manifold HUB allows you to connect up to 3 eFlux™ wave pumps and control using the LOOP® IC Controller. Communications LED indicator provides networking status and four micro USB ports provide plenty of expansion for other LOOP® accessories.


Each eFlux™ wave pump manifold HUB includes a silicone cover, micro USB communications cable and mounting bracket/hardware. Compatible only with eFlux™ wave pumps.

Model: 1685

UPC: 842959016851

Description: eFlux™ Wave Pump Manifold HUB

Max. Input Watts: 72w @ 24VDC per channel

Micro USB Ports: 3 Communication/1 Control

Voltage: 24VDC

Dimensions: 3” x 3” x 0.5”

Warranty: One Year