Eco Sun LED 10" to 14" Aquarium Light

Model AA2636D4
Your Price: $34.99
Give your aquarium Sun-like shimmering effects, just like you see in the ocean, with our Eco Sun lamp featuring 4 x 1 Watt HPLEDs (High-Power LEDs)

Waterproof design exceeds IP54 standard

HPLEDs generate very little heat keeping your aquarium water temperature consistent

LED colors: 2 x White & 2 x Blue

Adjustable to fit aquariums between 10.5 ~ 14; AAs HPLEDs feature a wide angle focus to light a larger area of your aquarium

Includes a Safety Listed Child Safe 12V adapter (Input: 120Vac, Out Put: 12Vac 400mA)

2 Years limited warranty

HPLEDs give off light that is so intense the rays easily reach the bottom of your aquarium, together with movement at the waters surface yields beautiful and natural looking light ripples, giving your aquarium a lifelike shimmering effect, just like the ocean. LED's give you years of consistent service in use, but the electronics that drive them can sometimes suffer from moisture and limit their use. AA Aquarium's Engineering team has solved this issue by creating a totally sealed glass light module, like a heater tube. HPLED's offer the benefit of super performance, reliability, and simplicity when compared to ordinary low power LEDs found in competitor's units. AA's HPLED's feature wide angle lighting that covers larger areas of your aquarium. While others use 10 to 30 or more low power cheap LEDs to light tanks, a few of our HPLED's can effectively light your entire aquarium.