EcoPlus Eco 3170 Submersible Water Pump

Model 728335
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Submersible Pump Instructions For Models: Eco 3170 / Eco 4750 / Eco 7400

EcoPlus Submersible pumps are designed for both fresh and saltwater and for both under and above water use.They are of the highest quality with the latest development in pump technology. These pumps are suitable for use in ponds, aquariums, fountains and in combination with filtration systems.

EcoPlus Submersible pumps do not use oil or grease for lubrication and can be used safely in ponds containing fish or plants. The motors consist of a sealed stator and a water-cooled permanent magnetic rotor.All the electrical parts are isolated from the water with epoxy resin to ensure safety.


  • Because of the high flow rate and total head. the unit's possible applications are endless. You may use these pumps in a variety of settings ranging from large waterfalls to filtration systems.
  • The vortex impeller and ceramic components allow this unit to be both energy saving and efficient.
  • The unique design of the impeller allows for a dramatic reduction in the frequencyof cleaning.
  • The unit can be used both inside and outsideof water and for either fresh water or salt water.
  • 192 watts.
  • Max height is 13.1 feet.
  • 3175 GPH
  • Comes with 392 inch 120 volt cord.
  • Inlet is 1.5" NPT and the outlet is 1.5" NPT.
  • Included fittings: 1.5" Barbed x 1.5" Threaded and 2" Barbed x 1.5" Threaded.
  • One year manufacturer warranty.