Eheim ECCO Easy 60 External Canister Filter 2234

Model EH2234
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The Eheim ECCO Canister Filter which stands for "Eheim Convenient Canister Operation", incorporates the features you want most. Easy handling and setup, multi-stage filtration, low maintenance and high efficiency all at an affordable price. It combines all function controls in its handle. Technically advanced, convenient and user-friendly.

The multifunction handle, with worldwide patent-pending technology, is unique to the Eheim ECCO filter. This is how it works. In addition to locking and unlocking the filter and use as a carrying handle, it functions as a priming device. After simply connecting the intake and output hoses and arranging your media baskets, move the multifunction handle down to the start position. The water flow will begin. When the filter is full, just plug and play. The filter comes complete with media, fittings, and valves. The convenient interlocking media baskets allow for versatility in media setup while preventing water by-pass. With proper media setup, a long service life can be expected, on average 3-6 months between cleanings.

The intake and output hose attachments are designed to swivel 360 degrees to ensure kink-free hose connections. A silicone-based integrated o-ring ensures leak-free secure operation. With a new handy impeller cover, annual impeller maintenance could not be easier.

As with all Eheim canister filters, the ECCO impeller drive is outfitted with ceramic shaft and carbon bearing to ensure silent operation.

Eheim hermetically sealed motor technology guarantees efficient low-energy consumption, safe operation with long-life expectancy.

Multi-functional handle. A secure connection between pump and housing is guaranteed when the handle is closed and in carrying position.

Integrated priming support for starting water circulation, allowing easy filter start-up. - Quick removal of pump head with its fixed sealing ring. The handle opens the filter for easy cleaning.

Ready for use from the word go.

Complete with mechanical, biological and adsorptive filter media filling.

Filter inserts guarantee the easiest possible handling and are also perfectly suited to individual application of filter media for layer filtration.

The swivel-and-swing hose connections are fitted with detachable safety taps.

The filter flow rate can be adjusted to requirement.

2 years warranty

For aquariums up to approx.: 60 gal

Pump output: 132 gph

Canister volume: 1.4 gal

Filter volume: 0.63 gal

Power: 5 W

Weight: 6 lbs

Fine Filter Pad
Coarse Filter Pad - Blue
Carbon Filter Pad
2 x Shut-off Valves
Nozzle Pipe (Pressure Side)
Priming Pipe (Intake Pipe)
Ø Hose (0.50"/0.65")