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Eheim Professional 3 Aquarium Canister Filter 2073

Eheim Professional 3 Aquarium Canister Filter 2073

Your Price:
20 x 15

Product Description

Recommended Aquarium Size : 90 Gallons
Dimensions : 15.7 x 9.3 x 9.6

Integrated automatic self-priming for quick and easy filling of the canister filter

4 heavy duty super locking clips for tight closure of the pump head onto the canister.Integrated safety handle prevents accidental opening while carrying

Easy to use quick release two stage hose adapter, Only disconnects once flow control level is placed in the off position.

Where precision is paramount, high tech ceramic material is the instrument of choice. Only EHEIM;s shaft and bearing sleeves are made of space age high performance ceramic. Ultra quiet, resistant to heat, abrasion, chemical and biological substances as well as an extremely long service life

The new convenient pre-filter with easy access just under the pump head traps dirt at the top of the filter, making regular maintenance easier. Significantly extends intervals between biological media cleaning. Simply rinse pre-filter pad (blue) and change the fine filter pad (white); the biomedia in the media baskets remains undisturbed

Aquarium water enters the filter through the intake tube and then flows downwards to the new pre-filter tray. Reversing direction, water then flows up through the first stage prefilter foam; trapping the majority of the large debris at the top.

Stage 1:Mechanical Pre-Filter
Easy Access just under pump head at top design
Traps mechanical debris making regular maintenance easier
Significantly extends the time between cleaning intervals of biological filter media
Simply rinse pre filter and change final stage filter pad when needed
Bio-media in lower baskets remain undisturbed

The water is then pulled down an internal tube to the bottom of the canister where it is dispersed and is suctioned up through the second stage multi-purpose media baskets, at which point it passes through, with the typical EHEIM set up, the biological layer or media EHEIM Substrat pro. This media contains thousands of square feet or nitrifying bacteria which biologically breaks down aquarium toxins.

Stage 2: Multi-Purpose Media Baskets Biological, Chemical or Mechanical
For most aquatic environments Media baskets containing high efficiency biological media, provide the healthiest, clearest aquarium water.

With regular maintenance of pre-filter and fine white filter pad, this setup lets you go up to one year without having to maintain your biological media baskets.

Multi-purpose media baskets permit customization of your filtration setup. This is ideal for the serious aquarist.

In the third stage, water is pulled through the fine white filter pad, performing the final water polishing by trapping the finest dirt particles. The clean filtered water then flows back out into the aquarium.

Stage 3: Final Water Polishing Filtration
Traps even the finest particles before allowing the clean water to flow back into the aquarium.

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