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High Capacity Reverse Osmosis System 1900 6000 GPD

High Capacity Reverse Osmosis System 1900 6000 GPD

Fish Tanks Direct
High Capacity Reverse Osmosis System: 1900
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Product Description

  • Includes:

    Stainless steal membrane housings

    TFC 4" x 40" Hydranautics membrane

    5 microns prefilter

    Flow control Valve and manometer

    Flowmeter for permeate

    TDS in-line monitoring

    Electrovalve for supply

    Low pressure switch

    Pump and 110V motor

    Control panel

    Low energy Hydranautics ESPA2-4040 membrane works at low pressure saving energy and getting up to 99.6% salt rejection. You can see performance of this first line of membrane at . Why it's so importante to have a low energy membrane? Because in such a way the pump works at half of the maximum pressure, enlarging pump's life.

    The only way to check the quality of the produced water is thru the TDS-meter. The unit was setup with a high TDS alarm that will let you know if water quality is not the desired. A reverse osmosis machine without TDS-meter and alarm is like no reverse osmosis in the long time.

    Large capacity RO machines will drain a high volume of water on the concentrate; the electrovalve (shut-off valve) will shut off water inlet when machine is turned off, saving a lot of money that otherwise will be wasted on prefilters and water going thru the drain.

    Low pressure switch with light alarm is one of the most important parts offered as a standard feature with the machine. Pump will be demaged if works without water. Low pressure switch will protect pump, turning off the machine. An alarm light will indicate the faul.

    Control panel includes ON/OFF switch, by-pass button, status lights, and TDS meter.
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