Hydor Protein Skimmers

Hydor's new PERFORMER skimmer range is high quality product designed by Hydor. The PERFORMER skimmers are equipped with silencer, special drainage systems that can be regulated in height, and supply pump included. The new SELTZ foaming pump/s are equipped with a new lubrification system, and innovative ROTORMIX brush impeller. Thanks to the use of our new SELTZ pumps, PERFORMER skimmers guarantee super efficient water circulation and foaming, disappearance of particulate matter, high air concentration in main chamber, very low noise level and low energy consumption. The drainage system that can be set at different heights allows for a very precise regulation of the foam by modifying the amount of water treated without changing the level of the water treated in the main cylinder.

Elegant and easy to use, the PERFORMER range is built with high precision CNC machined parts made with top quality materials guaranteeing safe and versatile applications in both marine and reef aquariums.
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