JBJ Picotope 3-Gallon Bow Front Glass Aquarium

Model JB21282
Your Price: $75.99
  • The PicoTope is a beautiful 3 gallon curved glass desktop aquarium--an excellent starter tank. Features include rounded glass corners for panoramic viewing, a beveled glass bottom, a 9 watt 50/50 clamp on lamp and a Pico power filter.

  • Pico Power Filter: is amazingly compact and turns over the 3 gallon PicoTope roughly 13 times an hour to maintain a crystal clear environment for aquatic specimens

  • Clamp on Lamp: Hangs on the back wall of the tank and can be positioned up, down and even forward to find that perfect illumination spot to view your favorite live animal. The energy saving JBJ compact fluorescent fixture contains a 9 watt 50/50 lamp and a remote ballast to the PicoTope environment cool

  • Dimensions: 11.8" X 8.9" X 8.1"