Bravo!!  Excellent work you guys.  My sump turned up a day early and everything was packaged great!  I opened it up without taking it out of the box because I'm not ready to hook it up yet as I need to get more stuff yet.  *wink wink*  But from what I can see everything appears to be in great shape.  Thank you guy for your great customer service!!


Thank you for helping me with the order.  You were very helpful and I look forward to working with you again for any of my aquarium needs.  Please tell your boss I was very happy with all the help you gave me.  Looking forward to getting my tank will send you pics when I get it all set up and running. Thank you.

Odile V.
De Soto, MO


You guys ROCK! Told you I'd send pic when the kitchen was done and the tank was set up. John was awesome at tips to acclimate old 35 gallon glass into this mind blowing one piece acrylic 90 gal. tank. Can't say enough good things.  Thanks

Roger L.,
Long Island, NY

Since my wife's assurance to her best friend to care for her pets in passing, we are now blessed with a Clown fish. So, the aquarium needed commitment and had to be the best. I found Fish Tanks Direct and soon found that there really are good people out there. They are professional, friendly and eager to work with you to assure that the result is what you expected and more.
If you decide to embark on an aquarium adventure, this is the place to go to. It will be right and won't be overpriced. I'm been satisfied, and sometimes that's hard to do.
Their aquarium shop built me a 3/4" thick L shaped corner tank.
It ended up 41"- 41" back 16" deep and 24" high, a 30"x 16"x 15" sump and a refugium to fit the custom stand that I built. Their work was perfect. Thank you, Scott, Mathew, Donna, Jake

Mark & Rose
(Very happy customers)
Jupiter, FL
Impeccable customer service!! My product came exactly as described What a great value for a high-quality Fishtank!

Dana D.
Venice, FL

Great company, received my tank fast with no issues. Thanks again guys.

James H.
Norwalk, OH


This place is awesome! John and his team provides excellent service. John also has extensive network to get you almost anything you need in the aquarium industry. I ordered a Bashsea bio reactor and he helped me upgraded to a plug and play at a reduced price. Hence, it’s not just about purchasing equipment with John. Call him and tell him your situation and he will take good care of you!

Steven Y.
Dublin, CA


I had been planning in my mind that my next Reef Tank would be bigger than my last which was a 300 gallon. So I decided to go much bigger, an 800 gallon. I had spoke with Fish Tanks Direct a year before on there process and time. So when I was ready I had them build me a 96" wide 48" high and 36" depth tank which turned out beautiful, my own little ocean. Great craftsmanship and support to all of my questions and concerns. In the photo in my floating live rock Aquascap, thanks guys!

Adam N.
Sugar Land, TX

I have been in this hobby for over 20 years, and throughout that time I have ordered from many different companies. Given the investment, once there is an experience of any sort I feel like it is important to let others know. I placed my first order last week with these guys, and I cannot speak highly enough about them. Their customer service was fantastic, and is a version that I wish others would model. The care that was taken to ensure that the system I ordered survived shipping without being damaged (cross-country in this case) was over the top. I will definitely be a repeat customer!

Modesto, CA



I already sense that this email is going to be too long but it has been a long time since I have been so delighted with a company’s service that I wanted to share my experience with you.

I have been thinking of salt water ever since I bought my first freshwater aquarium.  I have visited my local store many times and although I wanted to buy local, I just could not quite get the comfort level I needed to jump into this side of the hobby.

Finally, after about 3 weeks of intensive internet research, I decided I would just go it alone and order off the web.

Besides the myriad of choices, the $4-5K was very intimidating.  So I called your company to see if you could help with the cost and the person who answered the phone stated that he did not think there was anything he could do, but he would ask the owner.  An immediate response came back for $200 dollars off of the accessories.  I was amazed at the flexibility and the willingness to try to gain a customer.  I was also amazed that the operator did not just blow off my request.

It worked, and that evening I spent about 3 hours filling my cart on your website.  As I was doing this, many questions came up and I did not feel comfortable completing the order, so I sent a detailed email, not really expecting anything other than someone to read specs off the website back to me.

Much to my surprise, Jake called me back this morning to offer his assistance.  Sadly, I had to decline the call due to a previous engagement but he said, “call back anytime and they will come get me and I will help you out”.  Honestly, I barely expected a half-hearted email response, so the personal phone call was a delighter.

I called back over lunch and Jake spent way longer than he should have with me going over every single component on the order, offering guidance and suggestions and ultimately, giving me a high level of confidence that my first salty was going to be a success.  He did not upsell or try to sell things I did not need, he just gave what he thought was the best advice for my situation.

Your team has managed to offer the convenience, selection and value of the internet and provide a level of customer intimacy that is hard to find today even in brick and mortar.

I am not sure how profitable this sale was for you, but you have gained a very loyal customer and a raving fan.

Thank you for making this initial experience fantastic and providing a resource like Jake to your customers.

Rick S., Madison, MS


Just wanted to give you a progress report on how things went with the Tradewinds Chiller I purchased from you.   I am so happy that you did the leg work after finding out what I was going to do and worked with a representative from  Tradewinds to build just the right chiller.   I ended up with 500 gallons of sea water that I keep at 44 degrees for the lobsters.  Last week with the humidity very high and temps in the 90’s it ran straight but never let the temp get above 46 degrees.  Now that things have gone back to normal weather wise, it pulls down to temp and stays shut down for long periods of time.  I am sure that without the upgrades, I would just be burning out the unit like you and Tradewinds said.  Thank you again John and I will be highly recommending you to anybody looking for this type of equipment in the future.
Jerry C, New Hampshire

Hey Matthew. The tank arrived last Thursday and we slipped it into space with 1/4" to spare. PERFECT!!! It is an awesome piece and the craftsmanship is superb. Can't wait to get it set up and fish in it.
Thanks again.
Gary W, Wisconsin

Just wanted to say thanks again. The transaction was smooth, delivery was easy and kept well informed throughout the whole process. 
The tank looks great, the sump is working out beautifully, especially for my first one. Definitely recommending you all and really appreciate everything.
Nigel K, Kentucky


Hi John................... Aquarium Transaction FLAWLESS !!!!!!!!! Got the delivery well within the parameters and the Driver was a sweetheart. Helped me and my bud right into the garage and carefully let me inspect the tank. No issues to the naked eye. Great packing and shipping !!!!!! Can't say enough about your customer service and communication !!!!!!!!!!  Wow............... could every transaction be this seamless ?????.......... Hmmmm. Cheers, Larry H., Colorado Springs, CO

Scott... Just wanted to say thanks again for all you and your team did
in assisting me with the fish tank. It looks great and I'm a very
satisfied customer. I've attached a few pics below. It's coming

Hi John, The tank was delivered safe and sound. I like the construction of it a lot ! More over... the way it was packaged up for shipment was Excellent ! Very pleased with that ! I look forward to doing more with you in the future. Thank you Darren Letner Tankmates LLC

Fish tanks Direct,
I am writing this e-mail to say thank you for your great customer service. I am in the process of setting up a new tank and have been purchasing many things from your web site. Your staff has been very helpful with many of my questions and concerns. I would also like to send out a special thank you and say that John has gone out of his way to help me, by calling me at home and letting me know that things are out of stock, and that I have placed double orders by mistake, and making sure that the credits are done quickly. There are not many company's these days that take the time to work with the customers as well as you have. I would like to say that all of my business and future orders will be done with Fish Tanks Direct because of your outstanding customer service.
Jimmie Bacco
Henderson, Nevada

Enjoy the pictures. Everything is fine with the system.

Thank you for the quick response, I happened to swing home for lunch and they were on my porch. I haven’t looked at them yet other than to move into my garage. I must say as being a business owner, I commend your company on the customer service and speed of your deliveries. I will definitely let others know about the speed and customer service, as well I’m sure of the quality (while I haven’t looked at the tanks) I’m sure they are done well due to these other aspects of your service.
Also, the willingness to ship to another address other than billing, I just ran into this issue on another order. I’ll pop into your site to see what other things I may need for my new system shortly.
Again thank You,

"I had a few questions about the products I was considering and they were promptly and accurately answered.  I placed my order and it was shipped within a couple of hours after placing that order.  I e-mailed you to request a UPS tracking number and you returned my e-mail within minutes!  The product arrived in perfect condition 1 day before I expected it.  To top it off, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't find a better price on the item I wanted!  The best price and the best service? You guys are great - I will definitely use you again.  Thank you!"

Fishtanksdirect is PHENOMENAL! I had a very detailed and cumbersome order and they handled it perfectly. Their customer service is hands down the best I’ve come across in 10 years of reef keeping. While looking for a new aquarium and comparing prices I never heard a competitor in their price range mention anything related to quality or craftsmanship – fishtanksdirect emphasizes BOTH price and quality.I will definitely be looking to them for all my new tanks and supplies.Thanks John!
Wesley Haynes

We want to thank you for all your time and effort in getting the stand delivered to us by the factory. Although there were some frustrating times for both you and for us, you were right there fighting for us and working through the problems until they were resolved. We appreciated your keeping us informed with both phone calls and e-mails, and keeping the lines of communication open. You were always available to take our calls and responded to our questions and concerns very rapidly. Customer satisfaction is certainly a top priority for you, and we would definitely want to do business with you again. We wish you much success in the future!
With best regards,
Janet and Neil

Thank you John for your prompt attention... I will definately order from you guys again!
Thank you,

John put the new aquatic life 115 protein skimmer in last night and it kicked right off. I appreciate the time you took with me yesterday when I stopped in your store.. When it comes time to buy a new tank. Fish Tanks Direct will be the first place I go...

Thanks Again.
Marc P.

John, the order arrived just when you said it would. The pump is up and running and making everyone happy in our library at school, including the turtle. Your help has been 1st class. I always like to place a small order with a company before a big one. I'm sure you can see the logic in that. I am working on a grant to have a large aquarium in my room. I will only deal with you. Thanks again..

Mitchell Greenberg
Lead Science Teacher
Thomas Edison Charter School

Hi John,
I've been pretty busy, but I wanted you to know that the tank arrived perfectly with no problems. It has been filled for a few days now and there are no leaks or other issues. It is a very nice looking tank. Thank you very much for shipping so quickly.
Kevin Ure

I received my order yesterday in excellent condition and intend to install it in my hydroponic greenhouse today.
Thanks for helping me save some money.

I will surely keep your web store in mind the next time I need to buy parts. thanks again

Thank you very much for your fast and efficient service...awesome!


I've been in the hobby for almost 5 years now and have dealt with a lot of vendors. I am very impressed with the packaging and fast shipment! Thanks and I'll be looking forward to doing more business with you in the future!


I needed to order a new heater so i did a google search and found one at fish tanks direct.

It needs a controller and this is stated in the product description. You can buy the one made by the same company that makes the heater element but i have an RKL so i just bought the heater. I got a call later from the company to make sure that I knew it required a controller. He said some people don't pay attention to that. I told him I already have an RKL and he confirmed that would work fine.

I just thought that was cool that they actually took the time to double check with me before shipping out the order. Most places don't pay attention to that and just take your money and ship.

Hey you guys.... I got the protein skimmer and lights (which are AWESOME!!!) a couple days after I ordered them and I just received the rocks and mushrooms today (Monday), just wanted to say "Thank you" and everything came in great time at a great price, thank you so very much again!!! The rocks....well, ROCK!!!!

Peace, Drew

I just wanted to say I appreciated that you got those lights on the shipping truck the same day. They look great over the planted tank. Thanks for the recommendation.

George C

Hello, I just wanted to say Thank you for such quick and prompt service.. The item i purchased was delivered alot faster than expected, not to mention a professional job packing the light...
Thanks guys..

Michael S.

Hi John -
we can't thank you enough! The chiller just arrived as you promised and we are back in business! You are a miracle-worker! We've had the windows open now since the week end and we've been heating all of the out doors. Can't thank you enough for your speediness, price and customer service! You all are a gem and we'll be consulting your website again for our next set of aquarium needs.

Best regards,
Dr. Delbridge, PMP

This is to inform you that I received the aquarium and stand/canopy last week. All components were in excellent condition and exactly as advertised when I purchased them.
Thanks for the buying experience. You guys do a great job.
Ned L

Really awesome service! Thank you very much.
Adam Hawley

I just want to say thank you greatly for all of your assistance! I am highly impressed by your customer service focus, especially when you are the owner of the company.

If this tubing works as we hope, we do plan on ordering many more in the near future, as well, we also may need your custom tank building service.

Nicole D.

I've been meaning to get back to you regarding ballasts for the Sundial T5HO light fixture. You sent me the Nova T5 ballasts in hopes that it would be similar. They are an exact match and didn't take long to install. All works fine. Thanks again for your fine service. Charlie

Thank you for the excellent service, very impressed with service from you folks, Thanks again!!!

Thank you John !!! Great customer service,..give yourself a pat on the back ! , Dary

Thank you sooo much for all your help. We love our new acrylic tank and setup. Everything is so much clearer and the color of the fish is much truer. Jone H

WOW! I ordered a complete 120g setup with all the trimmings from Fish Tanks Direct. They are one of the BEST aquarium supply companies in the business! John was excellent in answering all my questions and was patient with me over the phone. He never rushed me off the phone when he was busy and even talked at length about new products and fish related stuff. I really enjoyed doing business with this company and will definitely be back in the future!
Travis D

Hi John,
My new tank was delivered this past Tuesday. Everything was in great shape. This thing is beautiful ! Worth the wait ! Suncoast did a great job ! This is my first acrylic tank. I've had several glass tanks in the past, but I think acrylic is so much nicer looking when built like this. I haven't had time to set it up yet, but I don't forsee any problems with any kind of leaks by the looks of it. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your quick replies to my questions and concerns. That means a lot to me. I was kind of leery about shelling out that kind of money without knowing for sure what kind of quality and customer service I would get. Not anymore ! I now feel like I made a wise choice. If I am ever needing another tank in the future, or know of someone who does, you will be the ones I will go to or recommend !
Thanks again from one happy customer,
Steve H

Just wanted to send you pics of the tank. UV Sterilizer worked wonderful, Thanks. Occupants so far are, 10 Congo Tetras, 9 Emperor Tetras, 4 Red Phantom Tetras ( the other 11 committed suicide by swimming in filter, which will be fixed shortly thanks to you guys), 4 Flame Dwarf Gourami, 4 Honey Dwarf Gourami, 3 Dwarf Male Gourami, 5 Cory Cats, 2 Blue Eyed Bushy Nosed Placastomus, & a pair of Boesemani Rainbows. Thanks for all your help!!!

Karen & Mark

I just wanted to thank you for your prompt courteous service. My Red Sea Max 250 showed up on time and in good shape. Now I have to wait for the room it's going in to be finished it's torture. ( You people don't do rugs I suppose) Again thank you.
Marty F

I just wanted to thank you for all your help in getting me the perfect tank for my two goldfish. They've been through a lot with my other tank cracking and emptying out. I LOVE the 12 gallon acrylic hex. It looks beautiful and the fish are loving all the room and great filtration. It's been a long time since I've had such great customer service. I truly appreciate it and will be using you from here on out.
Thanks again,

I just got my Canopy for my 210 tank it looks great. I want to thank you for you service. I will be recommending you to all of my fish friends and to the ten different fish clubs that I belong to. Your company is great the service was excellent and I got my Canopy in record time you told me two week it was more like two days.

thanks again for you help
Charles Mosley
Hammond IN

I Finally got the tank set up and thought I would send you a couple of photos. As you can see there are no fish in it yet, I am waiting for the water to cycle before I start stocking it with fish. Everything turned out great and the tank and stand look great. Thanks again for the great service it was a pleasure dealing with you. I will definitely be recommending people your way.

Hello John and Paul thank you very much for the light deal today can't wait to get home to try this awesome deal out. Just like your feedback points out, you guys are great to deal with. I look forward to many more future purchases.
Thanks again lenny

Tank is gorgeous. Whole family is loving it. Now we're spending our evenings watching it instead of TV! Pictures just don't do it justice, but here are a couple.