Tetra GloFish 1.5-Gallon Aquarium

Model 75029236
Your Price: $39.99
The Tetra GloFish Aquarium Kits have been designed to include Blue LEDs that really highlight GloFish fluorescent fish. These are the perfect starter aquariums for kitchens, dormitories, classrooms, and offices. They come in two compact sizes, 1.5 and 3 gallons, and fit almost anywhere. Each kit includes an aquarium that is sleek and seamless, and is as transparent as glass. A Whisper filter and filter cartridge helps keep the water clean and healthy. The low voltage, energy efficient LED Light provides the right amount of illumination to highlight the fish and decor. Each kit also comes with a clear plastic cover to help reduce water evaporation. Each cover has a feeding hole and cut outs for the light, filter, and accessory cords. The cover also helps keep your fish friends inside the aquarium.

The 1.5 gallon kit has a cube shaped aquarium and light with 9 Blue LEDs that is mounted onto a telescoping post. This kit also comes with a black aquarium background which adds additional contrast to the GloFish fluorescent fish and decor. The base on this kit includes a swing-out drawer for storing TetraMin fish food or other accessories.

The Tetra GloFish Aquarium Kits are an effortless way to own and enjoy an aquatic paradise. The Complete Aquarium Set-Up Guide will provide step-by-step instructions to get your aquarium up and running quickly. Hang the Whisper Internal Filter onto the back of the aquarium. Use Tetra AquaSafe to condition the water and then add the water to the aquarium before plugging in the filter.

The pre-assembled, Bio-Bag filter cartridges are quick and easy to use. Just open, rinse under water, and insert into the Whisper filter. The Carbon technology is specifically engineered to absorb odors and discoloration better than competing brands. The dense, dual-sided mesh catches debris and fish waste, leaving the water in your aquarium fresh and clean.

To keep your water healthy and safe for your fish, change the Bio-Bag and about 25% of the water once a month.